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Alloweb: Top startups 2017

Alloweb: Top startups 2017

SESAMm has been selected to be one of the top startups to follow in 2017! This award was granted by, a digital newspaper specialized in French startups & innovation. The interview focused on 5 topics, such as our business model, market opportunities and strategic projects, for instance.

With the launch of l’Humeur des Marchés, it was a great opportunity for SESAMm to present more thoroughly all of its innovative functionalities. Thanks to our strong scientific expertise in Natural Language Processing and in Quantitative Analysis, our platform uses the Big Data to deliver accurate data analytics on sentiment and emotions, allowing its users to study & analyse all major worldwide financial assets.

For all entrepreneurs and innovative actors following us, we would like to share with them a few tips for the success of their startup or for creating a new business just like we did in the conlusion of Alloweb’s interview. Our piece of advice can be summarized in 3 key points: Be bold and confident; Seek for investors and entrepreneurs focused on the markets you are targeting; Always fulfil all expectations from your partners and investors. We strongly believe that being ready to apply and follow these few guidelines can give the edge to any trully motivated entrepreneur.

The original article can be read here.

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