Ready-to-use Data Streams

Systematically monitor thousands of companies worldwide to generate investment signals. Generate alpha from our precomputed ready-to-use alternative datasets.

Ready-To-Use Alternative Data.

Leverage our alternative data streams to incorporate systematic insights into your alpha signals or for risk monitoring on your entire portfolio. From tracking Global Sentiment to analyzing retail communities like WallStreetBets and incorporating ESG alternative data into your systems, our solution will make it easy to generate value from web insights.

Global Sentiment

Deep sentiment analytics to fuel your alpha signals on a large universe.

Global Sentiment API

ESG Stream

Systematic ESG data to incorporate in your quantitative models or use as fundamental scores.

Global Sentiment API

Uses cases

Key features

Alpha Generation

Clear, proven and actionable alpha signals

Daily Signals

Timely data generated every day.

Historical Data

Each of our datasets has 13 years of history available for testing.

Multiple Access Points

Data delivery via S3, API, SFT, dashboards and more.