Aug 30, 2017

L'Humeur des Marchés is SESAMm's data visualization platform, an essential tool to help finance professionnals in their investment decisions

We are very happy to announce the release of L’Humeur des Marchés v3.0! For this update, we focused our efforts on the overall user experience and also added new functionalities. Let us go through a brief presentation of our pages along with a description of our new powerful features and improvements brought in this update.

Our most significant work concerns the global rework of the user interface, making L’Humeur des Marchés more responsive and easier to use. This has been made to give more room for the displayed data and a smoother user experience.

The Market Sentiment Overview page gives at a glance the most significant changes and evolutions of the sentiment and emotions indicators for all asset classes. We focused on improving design and presentation of our data.

On the Market Sentiment Analysis page, users can display specific assets depending on the period and the type of data that they intend to examine. The update 3.0 brings a smoother visualization of graphs: it is now possible to zoom on any timeframe and better visualize volumes and movements of emotions and sentiment.

On the Custom Portfolio page, indicators of user’s portfolios have been updated to allow a better interpretation of them. In addition, tools are now more responsive, making possible to quickly spot differences in the market and ensuring an easier and better use of our functionalities.

Moreover, we developed a brand-new functionality: The Morning Briefing. This new option gives users a daily information about their preferred assets each morning, giving exclusive knowledge before the opening bell. It allows the user to automatically get an overview of most & least performant assets and also obtain the relevant information about their portfolios.

This sums up all the most significant changes and improvements made for the v3.0. With this major update, now is a great time to make best use of L’Humeur des Marchés and follow financial markets more accurately.

If you wish to try our new version, we would be very happy to invite you to try our new platform! Just reach us at contact@sesamm.com to get in touch with us!