Turn textual data into timely and actionable ESG and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) indicators. Automate alerts on key trends and track events for millions of companies.

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Portfolio Monitoring

Reveal opportunities and manage risks on your investment portfolio. Discover emerging trends and get timely alerts on small, large, public or private companies.

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Private Equity

Rapidly obtain advanced due diligence insights on private companies. Leverage big data for automated deal sourcing. Monitor portfolio companies and provide them with analytics for value creation.

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Private Equity

Corporate Insights

Increase sales and margins.
Transform your marketing operations using behavioral insights from millions of customers.

Manage your risks and increase your competitive advantages.
Act fast.

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Uses cases

ESG and SDG Scoring-1

ESG and SDG Scoring

Risk Alerting-1

Risk Alerting

Global Sentiment Analysis-1

Global Sentiment Analysis

Data Due Diligence-1

Data Due Diligence

Corporate M&A-1

Corporate M&A

Automated Deal Sourcing-1

Automated Deal Sourcing

Marketing Strategy Developement-1

Marketing Strategy Development

Competition Analysis-1

Competition Analysis

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Rapidly access deep analytics, granular information, and holistic insights tailored for your business.



Alternative Data Created On-Demand

Access to on-demand analytics, based on our 14-year history data lake.
Knowledge graphs of 70M entities and deep Natural Language Processing.
Algorithms, including sentiment, emotions, opinions, Named Entity Recognition, and precise context detection.

Our 4M+ sources include:



International, national, regional, and local news

Blogs and Forums -1-1

Blogs and Forums

Local and global, covering all genres and areas

Message Boards-1

Message Boards

International, national, regional, and local news

Product Reviews-2

Product Reviews

Consumer and professional feedback



Press releases, company reports, and communications

Trading and Investment-1

Trading and Investment

Retail and professional investors content

Social Data-1

Social Data

Textual content with posts and comments

Earning Calls-1

Earning Calls

Transcripts and discussions related to financial results

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