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MoneyConf PITCH Award

MoneyConf PITCH Award

From June 5th to 6th, SESAMm has been present in Madrid to be at MoneyConf, one of the biggest Fintech event in Europe. Organised by the people behind Web Summit, we decided this would be a great opportunity for SESAMm to meet both investors and asset managers. With attendees composed mostly of international of experts, investors and C-level executives from the financial world, and also with the chance to pitch in front of such audience, coming in Madrid for this event proved to be a decisive choice for our company.

During the 1st day, after each of our successful presentations on the PITCH competition until our selection for the Final, our stand continuously saw more and more individuals seeking us. A direct proof of our success came from MoneyConf Top Trends on the 2nd day. SESAMm became, just as Finect and 4Stop, one of the most requested startups by investors. This single fact reinforces our strong conviction towards our innovative technologies and the interest behind our products such as “L’Humeur des Marchés”.

After our presentation during the Final followed by the jury deliberation, we had the chance to be crowned winners of the PITCH competition, a tremendous honour the judges of MoneyConf gave us.

In conclusion, from the many investors, financial institutions & world-class asset management companies which we will see during next weeks, this event proved to be a unique occasion to discover new opportunities for our company. Being present there allowed us to challenge our vision and our goals thanks to the perception of finance professionals towards SESAMm’s approaches into our market. With the many insights we acquired and the promising meetings we are going to conduct following this event, we are now eager to seek similar international events & to further accelerate our international expansion. Since we are also close to finish our Series-A funding, a fact which may come true just in a few weeks, we will definitely be able to be more ambitious that we already have been.

Last, but not least, the Web Summit made an interview with us right after our victory. You can watch it by following this link.

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