Alert plugin & Minute Data now available

Alert plugin & Minute Data now available

Jul 20, 2018

L'Humeur des Marchés is a data visualization platform to analyse sentiment and emotions data on financial assets


major update was made for L’Humeur des Marchés: our platform now includes alerts & strategies, alongside new features. Additional changes and improvements have also been made for our API, including Minute Data which is now available!

With more options to filter & customize graphs, sentiment and emotions data become an even more powerful tool for all asset managers and investors.

If you wish to request a trial for L’Humeur des Marchés or learn more about our API, simply complete our form or send us an email at to get in touch with us!

L’Humeur des Marchés – Platform updates and changes

  # Alert plugin It is now possible to build complex automated strategies based on our platform’s data, which can generate daily trading signals.
New Features include:
  • Strategy Backtesting system to quickly evaluate the potential results from our data
  • Daily alerts with 3 years of history based on your alerts
  • Alert Management, a page regrouping all your strategies’ performances with possible adjustments on the fly
  • Day +1 Signals: Foresee markets movements before your competitors
  • Weekly performance email regrouping your strategies performances
# Market data for cryptocurrencies
Just like for traditional assets on our platform, L’Humeur des Marchés now contains market data for cryptocurrencies. # Additional filters for Market Sentiment Analysis
  • Sources: Previously limited to News or Socials, 6 different filters can now be chosen
    • All Sources
    • Web & Press
    • News
    • Blogs
    • Discussions
    • Social Trading
  • Languages: 9 options can now be picked for languages
    • All languages
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • German
Finally, a filter is now available giving the option to only see financial (specialized finance Websites), non-financial (global consumers Websites) or both aggregated. # Performance, User Interface and other changes
  • Opinion Score has been now renamed as Trading Opinion
  • Improvements to make data available faster
  • Improvement of Cryptocurrencies’ Trading Opinion accuracy
  • New module to automatically import and export your portfolios from a CSV file

L’Humeur des Marchés – Updates and changes for API

  • Minute data is now available with a 10 minutes delay
  • Data can now be filtered using the new filters from L’Humeur des Marchés. These include languages, additional news filters, finance and/or global along with previous filters.
  • Just like for our platform, improvements to make data available faster have been made and Trading Opinion value has been optimized for cryptocurrencies with no change to their sentiment & emotions value
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