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Quantitative Trading


Our Quantitative Analysts and Data Scientists build tailor-made investment solutions for asset managers, hedge and pension funds. We rely on a strong financial expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

> Alternative data strategies

We combine traditional market data and alternative data such as emotions and sentiments to exploit behavioral biases. We create complete strategies or improve risk-return profiles of your existing strategies.

> Data science expertise

Quantitative and Machine Learning-based strategies for any asset classes and investment constraints. We build a complete machine learning pipeline for trading strategies.

Cryptocurrency trading

We develop algorithmic trading strategies for private or institutional clients. Our 100% internally developed framework allows us to control our end-to-end process and can be accessed by clients or fully integrated into your own systems.

> Market Data

We have been extracting tick by tick data and full order books from the biggest crypto markets for several years, representing dozens of To.

> Quantitative strategies

We aim at generating performance in any type of market condition through our range of diversified strategies: Arbitrage, Market Making, Statistical Arbitrage, Portfolio optimization.

> Best Execution

Our execution layer uses complex market impact models and is thus able to dramatically reduce slippage when running large volumes.
Crypto markets
Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental custom studies

We perform custom studies with a focus on specific companies, brands, countries, filtering by source of information or by topic based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies.

> Emotional profiling

With the rise of social media, tremendous amounts of messages are posted each day online. With this data, constructing emotional profiles for entities, such as organizations, places, brands or companies becomes possible. This enables comparing these entities with regards to their sentiment or emotions in specific financial studies.

> Reputation analysis

With regulatory authorities pushing for transparency, financial actors now examine even more carefully their image. Thanks to our business intelligence technologies, we can provide relevant e-reputation analyses for companies and investors.

On-demand research

We offer data science services to help you evaluate specific subjects or discover and react faster to emerging opportunities and trends in the financial industry.

> Artificial intelligence expertise

Thanks to our specific expertise in Machine and Deep/Reinforcement Learning applied to time series, we help you leverage the added value of our data and other alternative data to give an extra edge to your investment strategies.

> Natural Language Processing

We provide Natural Language Processing analysis tailored to your needs: specific classification, entity extraction, emotional profiling, semantic analysis and more.
Financial data science

Alternative Data:
The New Frontier

Discover SESAMm’s new solutions to fully exploit Alternative Data in your investment process.

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