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Press: Capital Magazine

Press: Capital Magazine

At the beginning of March, SESAMm had been awarded an interview and an article got published by France’s number 1 business magazine, Capital Magazine. It is a unique opportunity for us to be part of such a renowned media, giving us the chance to show our knowledge and expertise as well as to present our full range of products for financial services.

With the launch of our new product “L’Humeur des Marchés” on April 20th, the article allowed us to present main features and benefits provided by this software. Main functionalities of the platform will be: choice of instruments amid a list of 10,000 financial assets; real-time extraction and visualization of emotions, opinions, sentiment and volumes linked to financial assets; and the creation of portfolios with personally-chosen assets to follow.

With this new product and our series A funding round getting to a close, these developments will give us full strength and power to quickly scale up and grow during the year.

The article can be found here.

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