Discover the interview on SESAMm about Big Data and financial investments by “Analyse Financière” (Financial Analysis), a magazine specialized in Financial Analysis and Asset Management. The original text and its source can be both found at the end of the interview.


Big Data as a vehicle for financial investments


Are you thinking about using Big Data to improve investment decisions? At SESAMm, we focus on creating innovative tools for this purpose. Our team focuses in real-time analysis of millions of messages from all types of textual sources: from news articles, social media messages, blogs, microblogging websites, to name a few. Our team’s goal? To deliver the most accurate information for Asset Managers, Investment Bankers, Hedge Funds and brokers worldwide; thanks to our specialization in Natural Language Processing and Big Data Analytics tools.

What is SESAMms mission?

SESAMm is a FinTech start-up founded in 2014. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence and more specifically in Natural Language Processing (NLP); a technology that allows to automatically extract, analyze and classify information held within texts. Our team of engineers and researchers is developing algorithms for the extraction and storage of large quantities of data (from social medias, news articles, microblogging websites, forums but also internal data), as well as subjectivity analysis systems (for opinions, emotions and sentiment) and predictive models for financial markets (through machine-learning and quantitative analysis). Our focus is based on the extraction and automatic tracking of behavioral biases in financial markets, through the analysis of massive amounts of data. We have applied our technology and techniques to various case studies for main financial institutions. Most specifically, we are working with renowned institutions in Asset Management with a focus in Algorithmic Trading and in traditional investment strategies.

You will soon be launching a Web-based service in April. What are its functionalities?

Indeed, we will be launching a new application called “LHumeur des Marchés” – Markets mood, in French – a web-based service dedicated to the visualization of emotions linked to financial assets. The platform will be available on April, 20th with the following features:

  • Choice of instruments amid a list of 10,000 financial assets in different industries and asset classes (e.g.: FTSE, GBPUSD, Volkswagen …);
  • Real-time extraction and Visualization of emotions, opinions, sentiment and volumes linked to financial assets;
  • Creation of Portfolios with personally-chosen assets to follow;
  • Choice of targeting consumers or “experts” (financial market experts, traders, opinion leaders, etc.);
  • Access to technical indicators, back-tests of simulated portfolios and research sources in order to understand full value of our new and alternative information.

How can these new technologies improve and revolutionize the Asset Management field?

These innovative technologies are a real improvement for our customers in the financial markets, for two main aspects. Firstly, our solutions allow to integrate Big Data analytics to Asset Management processes, generating added value for investors. This is a true enhancement, as Artificial Intelligence technologies are usually considered to be the appanage of leading IT companies, such as GAFA ones. Secondly, the type of analyses we deliver are a true improvement for financial services, as we have specialized in analyzing irrational trends on financial markets thanks to powerful NLP models. Our approach and models are a genuine revolution for behavioral finance and it can drastically change the way Asset Managers work.

In December 2016, you have been selected among 38 other Fintech startups and rewarded with the Finance Innovation label in the Asset Management category. How does it feel to receive such prize?

It was a great honor to accept this reward, as it illustrates the great interest in the Financial sector for innovative technologies in France and globally. SESAMm is a FinTech company with a strong R&D culture and we boast ourselves to be at the forefront of most advanced scientific and technical improvements; moreover, our solutions have demonstrated robust value and is gaining interest from leading financial organizations. This award gives us confidence in growing quickly and expanding our network, with small firms as well as with most renowned financial institutions that desire to acquire and integrate our innovative technology for investment purposes.

Source : La revue Analyse financière, edited by Société française des analystes financiers (SFAF), Review n°63 – April – May – June 2017