Data Integration

Import your datasets or existing signals to be explored.

Leverage data at a wide scale, whether it’s small, big, internal, external, traditional or alternative.

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Data integration sources

Feature Selection

Rapidly extract features and evaluate their relevance while minimizing noise and interferences.

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Feature selection

Training / Prediction

Combine the latest Machine Learning models, to increase alpha generation, all while optimizing computing time.

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Model Selection

Find the best models, amongst thousands of simulations, and avoid risks of overfitting.

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Model selection

Backtesting and Strategies

Generate financial forecasts and investment signals by combining machine learning models, then optimize backtest results by using our proprietary metrics.

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Backtesting and Strategies

Use Cases

Asset allocation

Alternative Data ESG Strategies

Volatility Forecasting

Long-Only and Long-Short Equity

Credit Forecasts

Risk Management


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