Aurexia and SESAMm join forces to democratize the use of big data by financial institutions

by: SESAMm , 3 minute read , January 12 2021

PARIS, January 12, 2020

SESAMm, a leader in big data and artificial intelligence solutions for asset management, and Aurexia, one of the leading financial services consulting firms in France, have just signed a partnership.
Their goal: provide to financial institutions specialized tools and indicators to process and exploit alternative data, extra-financial data traditionally not exploited in the investment process, for example from blogs, specialized information sites or social networks. By leveraging a set of technologies based on natural language processing (NLP) for quantitative management applications, ESG analysis, e-reputation on portfolios or issuers among others, SESAMm ensures the highest level of access and information processing through millions of data sources.
Aurexia brings then its specialization, its complementary know-how in many facets and segments of the investment process makes it possible to respond to the industry’s issues in a more comprehensive and extended way.

In order to make the most rational strategic and financial decisions possible, financial institutions must collect and process considerable volumes of data. If the information is of poor quality, partial or obsolete, it can represent a double-edged sword. Having access to millions of alternative data sources from the web with more than 10 years of history helps to overcome this challenge and to better understand market sentiment in real time.
Leveraging its data lake containing several billion messages, SESAMm relies on the analysis of this textual data to create innovative analytics and indicators applicable to numerous investment case studies. With these billions of data, extracting value from Big Data and textual analysis enables the creation of powerful decision support tools while saving huge budgets in data collection, management, analysis, and classification.

“The AUREXIA-SESAMM partnership brings value to the financial industry by combining a good understanding of the business challenges on the investor offer and risk management, with a complete solution for alternative data collection, positive or negative scoring on ESG criteria with data traceability and early detection of weak signals.” explains Dominique Herrou, partner at Aurexia.

“Our clients have been using alternative data for years to identify and analyze relevant and contextual information using the technologies of our TextReveal and SignalReveal tools, bringing solid business benefits to financial institutions. These include ESG data, portfolio and alpha construction, asset allocation, early warnings in credit and other applications in areas such as private equity.” unveils Sylvain Forté, CEO of SESAMm.

With offices in London, Paris, Luxembourg and Asia, Aurexia operates exclusively in the field of financial services and provides consulting services to companies through its 10 dedicated markets: Capital Markets, Transaction Banking, Securities Services, Asset Management, Private Banking, Retail Banking, Insurance, Finance and Risks, Compliance and Data Management.

Aurexia’s expertise also supports banks’ innovative transformation initiatives. Cases where the firm has used SESAMm solutions based on Big Data and NLP include extracting relevant information that can improve customer management services, minimize risks or speed up compliance with regulations in force.


About Aurexia

Founded in 2006, the consultancy firm AUREXIA helps companies in the financial services sector to improve their operations in a sustainable and substantial way. Aurexia relies on a team of consultants based in 5 countries to bring unparalleled expertise and value to its clients around the world by helping them meet the challenges inherent in restructuring their business model, as well as redesigning their operations and processes within an increasingly restrictive regulatory framework. Aurexia’s commitment to research and development is reflected in the Aurexia Institute’s production of relevant data (insights) on all subjects related to financial services. Aurexia is continuing to develop its capabilities in the field of digital transformation with its FINLAB, a structure responsible for managing the multiple dimensions of our clients’ innovation needs, in particular by collaborating with innovative external service providers such as SESAMm.
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About SESAMm

Created in 2014, SESAMm is an innovative company specializing in big data and artificial intelligence for investment. Its team builds analytics and investment signals by analyzing billions of web articles and messages using natural language processing and machine learning. With its NLP platform TextReveal and its quantitative data science platform SignalReveal, SESAMm addresses the entire value chain of alpha research. SESAMm’s 45+ people team in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Tunis and Metz work with major hedge funds, banks and asset management clients around the world for both fundamental and quantitative use cases.
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