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The largest private company coverage in the industry

With coverage of five million private companies and a data lake of 20 billion articles in over 100 languages, SESAMm provides powerful insights to private equity firms and enables them to make investment decisions confidently.



Explore 90 pre-built and adaptable ESG risk categories, UN Global Compact, and UN SDG-based positive impact statistics, making TextReveal an all-encompassing sustainability-tracking solution.



Access five million private and public companies of all sizes, including microcaps that provide coverage extending to companies’ suppliers, brands, and clients with our off-the-shelf knowledge graph.



NLP tools trained on a representative sample selected from billions of articles that understand finance and interpret slang, misspellings, and textspeak, so you don’t miss an opportunity.



Access article and sentence-level data that forms the basis of TextReveal’s volume and scores to explore causes and responses. Available on all products, from alerts to API.

Use Cases


From email alerts on ESG controversies to comprehensive insights delivered via DealCloud, TextReveal makes it possible to monitor your portfolio companies and stay on top of risks and opportunities in ESG and SDG events.

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SESAMm enables investors to efficiently monitor portfolio companies to ensure timely action on exit strategies and preemptive actions for credit, financial, and reputational risks, among others.

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Reduce the due diligence process from months to weeks. TextReveal's ESG and sentiment insights on private companies allow investors to evaluate the viability of target companies.

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Delivery Methods

A comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of technical and business users


ESG Alerts

Daily ESG and sentiment email alerts to monitor controversies of all the companies that matter to you.


Live Dashboards

Ready-to-use SaaS dashboards with fully transparent and auditable results.


API Access

API or flat files to extract TextReveal's powerful data in a systematic way.

Customer Stories


Behind the scenes: Carlyle leverages SESAMm’s alternative data for a $475 million investment in YipitData

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Alternative Data Trends: a16z, Flow, and the Public Web’s Sentiment


Gain Insights From Financial and ESG Data Using AI: A Comprehensive Guide

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TextReveal: The powerful engine behind SESAMm’s solutions

SESAMm is a leader in multilingual NLP technologies. Our sentiment analysis algorithms rely on deep-learning techniques; we have the expertise to ensure no biases exist in the indicators, from annotation campaigns to algorithm training for unbalanced datasets. We also leverage advanced NER (named entity recognition) and disambiguation techniques to detect relevant companies in multiple languages properly.

Reveal a world of insights

SESAMm enables businesses to make faster, more informed decisions, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

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