Comprehensive, Transparent and Expert ESG Solutions

Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, TextReveal® enables financial and non-financial organizations to make informed decisions. Our best-in-class company coverage enables the research and monitoring of virtually any public or private company to mitigate ESG controversy risks.


Broad Coverage for ESG Analysis

Our platform covers public and private companies of all sizes. It assesses ESG risks in supply and client networks in over 100 languages, providing comprehensive global ESG compliance and reporting.


Timely ESG Reporting and Insights

Access live web data for forward-looking ESG scores and insights. This timelinessaids in proactive decision-making and risk management in the fast-paced ESG investment world.


Transparent ESG Intelligence

TextReveal® offers in-depth transparency in ESG analysis. It allows users to explore the details behind each alert by accessing the source articles, ensuring a clear understanding of ESG performance and governance.


Expertise in ESG Risk Categories

Leverage our expertise with 90 ESG risk categories, adaptable to your requirements and aligned with UN standards, helping you monitor your portfolio effectively and invest responsibly.


Harnessing AI for Advanced ESG and SDG Analysis with TextReveal®

SESAMm revolutionizes the monitoring of ESG controversies and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) positive impact events through its cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, TextReveal®. Our tools are designed to empower asset managers, private equity firms, and corporations in sustainable investing, enabling them to increase ROI while effectively managing ESG risks and reducing potential losses.


The SESAMm Edge

Use Cases by Industry


ESG and SDG Event Monitoring: From email alerts on ESG controversies to comprehensive insights delivered via DealCloud, SESAMm makes it possible to monitor your portfolio companies and stay on top of risks and opportunities on ESG and SDG events.

Due diligence: Reduce the due diligence process from weeks to hours. SESAMm’s ESG and sentiment insights on private companies allow investors to evaluate target companies' viability and sustainable behavior.

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Develop investment strategies leveraging SESAMm’s ESG and SDG data scores and alerts. Our wide coverage includes US 3000, Europe 600, Japan 225, emerging markets, and other world indices.

  • Portfolio monitoring and negative screening: Stay on top of controversies and general risks in your portfolio companies. SESAMm’s email alerts keep you informed of critical information and enable you to make decisions before negative events happen. 
  • Index creation: Create robust strategies aligned with market expectations leveraging more than 90 ESG categories, SDG, global macro and sentiment, and alerting tools (controversies and positive events). Create your own ESG models depending on the theme you want to address.
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ESG, UN SDG, and sentiment event monitoring: Data-based insights on private companies are hard to attain through traditional methods. Nevertheless, online data exists, and SESAMm's TextReveal makes extraction and analysis possible through artificial intelligence. Dramatically enhance visibility into your company and the companies you work with. TextReveal enables you to monitor ESG controversies, UN SDG positive impact events, and general sentiment on:

  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Investments
  • And more
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Delivery Methods

A comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of technical and business users



Daily ESG and sentiment email alerts to monitor controversies of all the companies that matter to you


Live Dashboards

Ready-to-use SaaS dashboards with fully transparent and auditable results.


API Access

API or flat files to extract data in a systematic way.

"With the new data capabilities from SESAMm, ESG Fusion now can produce high-quality, outside-in reports at scale on almost any company worldwide. This is especially useful in private markets where high-quality ESG data is so hard to find.”


“Since we started working with SESAMm a few years ago, we've been impressed by their broad coverage in private and public companies in our core markets in CEE," said David Eschwé, Head of Group Advanced Analytics in RBI. "Our partnership has been a great success. Thanks to SESAMm, we can now answer business-relevant questions within days, including those related to the critical topic of ESG”

—David Eschwé, Head of Group Advanced Analytics, Raiffeisen Bank International

“Expanding our partnership with SESAMm builds on Carlyle’s continued leadership in leveraging big data, data science, advanced analytics, and machine learning to further differentiate our investment platform. We look forward to continuing to work with SESAMm to provide additive insights for our deal sourcing, diligence, and to help guide our portfolio companies in value creation.”

—Matt Anderson, Chief Digital Officer and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Reveal a world of insights

SESAMm enables businesses to make faster, more informed decisions, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

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