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SESAMm’s off-the-shelf platform, TextReveal®, empowers you to generate NLP insights from web data on millions of companies in less than a minute. Whether you’re a data scientist, a quant, or a business analyst, SESAMm has a solution for you.

TextReveal enables finance firms and corporations in several industries with:


Get ESG and SDG transparent, real-time insights on your organization, portfolio companies, and suppliers, among others. SESAMm enables you to monitor and get timely alerts on potential controversies and to comply with regulatory requirements.


Information on private and small public companies is hard to attain. SESAMm does the heavy lifting for you, uncovering insights for five million private and public companies.


Build and execute your own investment thesis with SESAMm’s sentiment, volume, ESG, and SDG insights


Create innovative and thematic strategies for your ETFs, ETP and custom index-related projects.

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TextReveal’s platform allows data scientists to extract and analyze their own insights from our proprietary data lake via API


14-year-old proprietary data lake. SESAMm processes text from financial and non-financial news sites, social networks, blogs, forums, and specialist websites, adding more than 10 million new documents daily,

sesamm-icons_alpha-signals-blue 20B

20 billion articles

Including Chinese, Japanese, and Eastern European languages among others

sesamm-icons-openness-blue 100+

100+ languages

We cover virtually any public or private company, from mega caps to small private companies

sesamm-icons_systematic-investment-blue 5M

5 million public and private companies

Including: News, Blogs and Forums, Message boards, Product reviews, corporations, trading and investment, social data and earning calls

sesamm-icons_risk-monitoring-blue 4M

4 million public and premium sources

SESAMm’s TextReveal has the most comprehensive coverage in the industry


Multiple delivery mechanisms that adapt to your workflows

  • Email alerts on ESG controversies and SDG positive impact events
  • Ready-to-use dashboards
  • Access to TextReveal’s data lake via API
  • CRM integration and portfolio management system integration


Gain access to article and sentence-level data that forms the basis of TextReveal’s volume and sentiment scores to explore causes and responses.


Machine learning-generated, humanly enhanced

Data analyzed and synthesized by our NLP algorithms and enhanced by our manual annotation step


Timely insights

Review, aggregate, and score data from millions of news articles, blogs, and social media discussions, daily


TextReveal: The powerful engine behind SESAMm’s solutions

SESAMm is a leader in multilingual NLP technologies. Our sentiment analysis algorithms rely on deep-learning techniques; we have the expertise to ensure no biases exist in the indicators, from annotation campaigns to algorithm training for unbalanced datasets. We also leverage advanced NER (named entity recognition) and disambiguation techniques to detect relevant companies in multiple languages properly.

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“Expanding our partnership with SESAMm builds on Carlyle’s continued leadership in leveraging big data, data science, advanced analytics, and machine learning to further differentiate our investment platform. We look forward to continuing to work with SESAMm to provide additive insights for our deal sourcing, diligence, and to help guide our portfolio companies in value creation.”

— Matt Anderson, Chief Digital Officer and Managing Director


“Since we started working with SESAMm a few years ago, we've been impressed by their broad coverage in private and public companies in our core markets in CEE," said David Eschwé, Head of Group Advanced Analytics in RBI. "Our partnership has been a great success. Thanks to SESAMm, we can now answer business-relevant questions within days, including those related to the critical topic of ESG.”

— David Eschwé, Head of Group Advanced Analytics


“Tokio Marine Nichido Fire has been using SESAMm’s NLP technology to build equity and credit models by leveraging digital sentiment on assets and macro concepts, empowering Tokio Marine to generate higher risk-adjusted performance for our investors.”

— Tokio Marine


“Asset Management One has been working with SESAMm since late 2019 to integrate AI, and their work and support has been very helpful. They have conducted a credit prediction project with us, and we are now using their data science tool as well as their alternative data, which brings a lot of value to our credit fund selection process.”

— Asset Management One


“We love to see companies like SESAMm join us at Finovate demonstrating their cutting-edge technologies. It really underscores our commitment to provide a platform to promote innovative startups in the financial ecosystem. Congrats to the SESAMm team for winning Best of Show, it’s clear they really resonated with our audience!”

— Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate

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