We analyze, in real-time, billions of articles and messages from the web using advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to analyze key trends. We also provide Machine Learning expertise to build analytics and investment strategies.


Ready-to-use Data Streams

Curated, granular data streams for investment professionals:

  • Refined sentiment, ESG, and retail trading time series for investment use cases
  • History starting in 2008, covering thousands of stocks
  • Daily data with financial identifier mapping

Modular API and Dashboards

Generate Alternative Data from text using NLP algorithms on a massive, ready-to-use data lake. 

  • Sophisticated NLP requests on an industry-leading data lake
  • Sentiment, emotions, ESG, and thematic analysis
  • APIs and visualization dashboards

Investment Signals and Strategies

Create investment signals using Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Modular and Open Machine Learning pipelines
  • Alternative Datasets evaluation & integration
  • Quantitative signal creation

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