SESAMm: Uncovering Risks, Ensuring Compliance in ESG

Through its cutting-edge AI solutions, TextReveal®, SESAMm is  an essential tool for corporations tackling the ESG compliance maze. Not only does it streamline adherence to complex regulations like CS3D and the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Law, but SESAMm also excels in uncovering hidden risks within supply chains. This proactive risk detection enables companies to remain compliant and ahead of potential ESG-related issues, transforming regulatory challenges into sustainable, responsible growth opportunities.


Integrated ESG Expertise

Discover 90 ESG risk categories in line with UN standards on TextReveal, ideal for corporations prioritizing responsible investing and ESG compliance.


Comprehensive CSR Database

Access a wide-ranging database of five million companies, and related entities, for in-depth CSR and ESG analysis, available in over 100 languages.


Sophisticated AI for ESG

Utilize our advanced AI tools, trained on extensive data, for a nuanced understanding of business language and accurate ESG insights.


Transparent ESG Reporting

Experience in-depth transparency with TextReveal's data, enhancing your ESG reporting and decision-making processes.

Use Cases


Clients - Apply TextReveal's powerful tools to monitor and ensure the reputation and activities of the companies you work with agree with your internal standards and policies to mitigate potential risks.

Suppliers - Rating agencies and traditional methods are not enough to mitigate risks in your suppliers. SESAMm's tools enable your firm to monitor ESG controversies and other risks to ensure end-to-end supply chain compliance. 

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Data-based insights into private and public companies are hard to attain through traditional methods. Nevertheless, online data exists, and TextReveal makes extraction and analysis possible through artificial intelligence. Dramatically enhance visibility into your company and the companies you work with. TextReveal enables you to monitor ESG controversies, UN SDG positive impact events, and general sentiment.

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A comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of technical and business users


ESG & Risk Alerts

Daily ESG and risk email alerts to monitor controversies of all the companies in your supply chain


Live Dashboards

Ready-to-use SaaS dashboards with fully transparent and auditable results


API Access

API or flat files to extract data in a systematic way.

SESAMm ESG Insights Process

Achieve CS3D Compliance with SESAMm

SESAMm is a leader in multilingual NLP technologies. Our sentiment analysis algorithms rely on deep-learning techniques; we have the expertise to ensure no biases exist in the indicators, from annotation campaigns to algorithm training for unbalanced datasets. We also leverage advanced NER (named entity recognition) and disambiguation techniques to detect relevant companies in multiple languages properly.

Use SESAMm's AI to systematically flag daily controversies on any universe of companies.

CS3D Compliance Requirements

CS3D’s objective is to foster sustainability and ethical corporate behavior. 

risk based - blue

Article 5

Integrating risk-based due diligence into corporate policies

adverse impact -blue

Article 6

Identifying and assessing actual or potential adverse impacts


Article 7 & 8

Prevent or mitigate potential impacts, end or minimise actual impacts

establishing -blue

Article 9

Establishing or participating in a grievance mechanism

monitoring -blue

Article 10

Monitoring the effectiveness of policies and actions

checklist blue

Article 11

Publicly communicating on due diligence (CSRD)

Avoid fines (5% of total turnover) and other costs. Automate the detection of controversies

save money -green

Save Money & Time

Daily identification of controversies enables proactive mitigation

mitigate risk -purple

Mitigate Risks

Identify risky behaviors within your supply chain

risk behavior -grey

Identify Risky Behaviors

Carry out your due diligence to identify red flags pre-engagement

early exclusion - purple

Early Exclusion

Key Benefits of CS3D Compliance 

By using SESAMm's AI to achieve CS3D compliance, you:


Customer Stories

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FTX’s Collapse a Warning to Investors? Can AI Technology Help Avoid Similar Loss?

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Reveal a world of insights

SESAMm enables businesses to make faster, more informed decisions, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

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