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Introducing SESAMm at NEC Solution Innovators—SESAMm Webinar (Japanese)

By: SESAMm | June 9, 2022

CEO Sylvain Forté introduces SESAMm at a webinar co-hosted by NEC Solution Innovators and SESAMm, describing who we are, who we do it for, and why this delivers value for the Japanese market. (Audio in English. Subtitles in Japanese.)

Introducing SESAMm at NEC Solution Innovators—SESAMm Webinar (2:40)


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Hello, my name is Sylvain Forté, CEO and Co-founder of SESAMm. We started SESAMm eight years ago to explore the vast amount of textual information available on the web, from news websites to NGO reports and social media.

Introducing SESAMm

Eight years later, SESAMm is one of Europe’s most recognized fintech AI companies. With over 90 employees worldwide and offices in six different cities, including Paris, NY, London, and Tokyo.

Our clients are some of the most recognized firms in the world, including asset managers, banks, insurers, private equity firms, and corporations. We have signed 10 clients in Japan and work with top firms such as Tokio Marine, Japan Post Insurance, and Asset Management One.

SESAMm has developed sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies to process data in multiple languages worldwide, including Japanese and Chinese. We process more than 18 billion articles and messages, with three billion documents in Japanese, and cover over five million public and private companies

Our technology is used to provide ESG and sentiment data and assist clients with data science projects, in particular, to build investment signals and strategies: asset allocation, credit models, trading, or hedging—which we will present in this webinar.

Focus on Japan

SESAMm has been working with clients in Japan since 2018.

We have recently opened a subsidiary in Tokyo.

In addition, given our focus on green finance, we have been selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Green Finance program.

Finally, to support the growing demand for our solution in the market, we are currently hiring for new roles in Japan that will assist with our local expansion and will allow us to serve more clients.

We are excited to continue this journey and deliver more value to the Japanese market.

To learn more about SESAMm, check out the “About us” page.