Ebook: Understanding Supply Chain Regulations: The Future Implications of CSDDD

By: SESAMm | May 30, 2024

"Understanding Supply Chain Regulations: The Future Implications of CSDDD" offers an in-depth exploration of global supply chain regulations, their effectiveness, and the vulnerabilities that persist within sector screening for controversies. The first part outlines the evolution from non-binding guidelines to mandatory laws, stressing these regulations' varied impacts and challenges, especially on smaller businesses facing compliance burdens. 
The second part of the ebook dives into specific supply chain controversies, showing a strong correlation between the rise of regulatory frameworks and the visibility of supply chain issues. Data analysis reveals the sectors most filled with ESG-related risks, highlighting significant social and environmental controversies within industries like specialized retail, automotive, and technology.

The eBook concludes with a detailed case study on retail giants SHEIN and TEMU, focusing on their compliance with current regulations and the potential impact of forthcoming ones, particularly the CSDDD.

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