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Webinar Replay: Understanding Supply Chain Regulations: The Future Implications of CSDDD

By: SESAMm | June 5, 2024

Today, it's important to understand the complexities of supply chain regulations. This was the main topic of a recent SESAMm webinar, “Understanding Supply Chain Regulations: The Future Implications of CSDDD”, which explored the implications of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and other important regulatory frameworks that affect global supply chains.

The webinar, led by SESAMm's CEO, Sylvain Forte, and ESG analyst Maha Chihaoui, explored the evolving landscape of ESG frameworks, laws, and regulations that influence supply chain operations. As businesses strive to enhance transparency, accountability, and ethical practices, they face a multitude of challenges and opportunities. The session highlighted how these initiatives could lead to substantial benefits such as environmental conservation, improved social conditions, and strengthened governance structures.

During the webinar, Maha Chihaoui emphasized the shift from non-binding guidelines to binding laws in the regulatory spectrum, signaling a more robust approach to enforcing corporate accountability and responsibility. Sylvain Forte also discussed the importance of moving beyond mere compliance to ensure genuine adherence to ESG principles, advocating for a systematic and continuous evaluation process to ensure businesses act on their promises.

The session also touched on real-life applications and challenges in implementing these frameworks. For example, the discussion included case studies on companies like Shein and Temu, highlighting how regulatory focus on supply chain controversies has increased visibility and accountability.

As regulatory frameworks around supply chains continue to evolve, the dialogue between various stakeholders—regulators, businesses, and the public—becomes crucial. SESAMm's webinar effectively shed light on these critical issues, offering insights and fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between ESG initiatives and supply chain management.


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