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Interview - Driving Sustainability Forward: The SESAMm and ERM’s ESG Fusion Partnership

By: SESAMm | June 12, 2024

Interview - Driving Sustainability Forward: The SESAMm and ERM’s ESG Fusion Partnership

In a recent interview for our SESAMm ESG partner series, we explored the collaboration between SESAMm and ESG Fusion, ERM's leading ESG assessment engine. This partnership highlights our commitment to integrating advanced AI-powered text analysis tools with comprehensive ESG assessments to support companies in understanding and managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

ESG Fusion stands out as an in-built engine that offers detailed assessments of a company's sustainability risks and opportunities, drawing from a rich mix of public, proprietary, and third-party sources. This ensures that investment and corporate professionals can rapidly obtain a complete picture of a company's ESG risk profile—often within just two business days.

A critical aspect of our partnership is SESAMm's extensive data coverage, which includes analysis of over 25 billion articles across more than 100 languages. This scale of data enables ESG Fusion to enhance its ability to screen for ESG-related adverse events and controversies effectively. The broad language support, in particular, empowers us to cover various local and international sources, ensuring a comprehensive view of potential ESG risks and insights.

One of the key benefits of our collaboration is the impact on small and mid-sized companies. Due to limited publicly available information, these entities often need help in being accurately assessed. Our approach aids these companies by identifying and managing ESG risks with a depth of analysis traditionally reserved for larger public companies. As regulations around sustainability disclosure evolve globally, tools like ESG Fusion are increasingly crucial for companies of all sizes to navigate the shifting landscape and understand their sustainability profiles.

ESG Fusion's unique capabilities stem from ERM's extensive experience in sustainability consulting, combined with SESAMm's cutting-edge AI technology. This blend of expertise enables the provision of rapid, reliable ESG assessments, leveraging machine learning to process large-scale data sets efficiently. Such capabilities are essential in delivering swift insights into companies' ESG risks and opportunities, helping clients make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Looking to the future, ESG Fusion aims to broaden its scope to offer more holistic views on companies' ESG performance. This includes identifying risks and assessing companies' preparedness and strategies to manage those risks. The goal is to support a comprehensive understanding of ESG factors across different sectors and for companies of various sizes, especially within private markets and corporate supply chains. This vision aligns with our mission at SESAMm to continually harness AI and technology to revolutionize ESG assessment and sustainability insights, providing value to our clients and contributing to a more sustainable global economy.


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