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EthiFinance Founder Joins SESAMm’s Advisory Board

By: SESAMm | June 13, 2024

EthiFinance Founder Joins SESAMm’s Advisory Board

SESAMm is delighted to announce the addition of Emmanuel de La Ville, a renowned ESG expert, to our advisory board. Emmanuel’s extensive experience in ESG research and sustainable finance will undoubtedly bring invaluable insights and strategic direction to SESAMm as we continue to innovate and expand our AI-powered text analysis tools.


Emmanuel de La Ville has dedicated the past two decades to advancing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards in the finance industry. As the founder, ex-CEO, and senior advisor of EthiFinance, Emmanuel spearheaded the creation and development of an independent ESG rating agency in Paris, known for its specialization in the small and midcap segment. Under his leadership, EthiFinance became a well-respected European organization, conducting over 2,000 assessments annually.

Founding EthiFinance

In 2004, driven by a vision to transform the finance industry, Emmanuel founded EthiFinance. The agency focuses on evaluating companies based on their Corporate Sustainability performance. Beyond his track record in promoting ESG accountability towards listed companies Emmanuel’s innovative approach included developing a robust ESG research methodology and conducting due diligence for companies owned by private equity firms. 

Views on SESAMm and the Applications of AI to ESG

In a recent interview, Emmanuel expressed his enthusiasm for joining SESAMm and highlighted the company’s commitment to leveraging AI technology to enhance ESG insights and drive responsible investment. Emmanuel believes that SESAMm’s innovative text analysis tools can play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating ESG risks, thereby promoting more sustainable business practices.

"SESAMm’s AI-powered tools are essential for analyzing vast amounts of data and uncovering hidden ESG risks and opportunities," Emmanuel stated. "This technology allows a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s performance beyond traditional financial metrics. It’s about creating value not just for shareholders but for all stakeholders."

Purpose-Driven Career in ESG and Ethical Practices

A deep sense of purpose has driven Emmanuel’s dedication to ethical practices and sustainability throughout his career. His journey from traditional finance to founding EthiFinance was motivated by a desire to align business practices with ethical values. Emmanuel’s belief in transparency, fairness, and the long-term well-being of all stakeholders has been a guiding principle in his work.

"Ethical behavior and sustainable practices have always been at the heart of my career," Emmanuel remarked. "I left the corporate world because I couldn’t see the sense in contributing to short-term profit maximization at the expense of broader societal and environmental well-being. Founding EthiFinance was about creating an approach to measure and promote responsible business practices."

The Future of ESG

Looking ahead, Emmanuel is optimistic about the future of ESG and the role of AI in shaping it. He foresees a growing demand for transparency and accountability in corporate behavior, driven by regulatory pressures and investor expectations. Emmanuel is particularly excited about the potential of AI to enhance ESG data quality and accessibility, enabling more informed decision-making.

Emmanuel de La Ville’s addition to SESAMm’s advisory board marks a significant milestone in our journey towards integrating AI with ESG analysis. His expertise and passion for ethical business practices will undoubtedly strengthen our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for responsible investing. We are thrilled to welcome Emmanuel and look forward to the invaluable contributions he will bring to SESAMm.

"We are thrilled to welcome Emmanuel de La Ville to our advisory board. His profound expertise in ESG and unwavering commitment to ethical practices align perfectly with SESAMm's mission to provide advanced, responsible AI-driven solutions. Emmanuel's insights will be instrumental in guiding our efforts to enhance ESG analysis and promote sustainable investment practices." said Sylvain Forté, SESAMm's CEO & Co-founder

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