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Ebook: ESG Controversies: A Comparative Study of Public vs Private Sectors

By: ESG Team | March 5, 2024

In our newest research, "ESG Controversies: A Comparative Study of Public vs Private Sectors," our ESG and Research & Analytics teams present an exhaustive study on the nuances of ESG controversies across public and private sectors. We combined artificial intelligence with our extensive dataset of over 25 billion documents to extract ESG controversies in both sectors. This research highlights the increased visibility and scrutiny of public companies compared to the more discretion in private companies. A case study on IKEA uncovers challenges in product safety and human capital, underlining the importance of proactive sustainability practices. The study examines these sectors' alignment with major ESG frameworks, including the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, offering invaluable insights for enhancing corporate ESG strategies.

Key takeaways:
  • Public companies are under constant observation, leading to higher exposure to ESG risks such as pollution, labor disputes, and governance failures. This visibility is partly due to regulatory requirements for transparency, making every aspect of their operations subject to public and investor scrutiny.
  • Private companies, while benefiting from less regulatory oversight, encounter substantial repercussions from ESG controversies. These can manifest as sudden shifts in investor confidence, challenges in securing financing, or damage to reputation, underscoring the critical need for comprehensive risk management approaches that encompass environmental, social, and governance factors.
  • The case study on IKEA provides an in-depth look at specific issues like product recalls due to safety concerns and the complexities of managing a global workforce. It highlights IKEA's efforts to implement forward-thinking sustainability initiatives and human capital management practices as key components of its corporate strategy, demonstrating the tangible benefits of such measures in mitigating ESG risks.

ESG controversies and breaches of SDG goals vary notably between public and private sectors. Public companies frequently encounter more visible and consistent ESG risks, while private companies, although subject to less scrutiny, experience significant impacts when controversies occur.

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