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Manaos and SESAMm Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance ESG Controversy Data Integration and Analysis

By: SESAMm | April 11, 2024

Paris, France, April 11, 2024 - Expanding its ESG controversy coverage and off-the-shelf solutions, Manaos, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas and a modular investment service platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with SESAMm, a leading authority in ESG controversy data powered by advanced Generative AI. This collaboration marks a milestone in providing comprehensive, AI-powered ESG controversies insights directly to financial institutions and corporate clients.

Through this partnership, Manaos will integrate SESAMm's cutting-edge ESG controversies data into its platform, offering a dedicated dashboard and controversies reports for institutional investors and asset management companies and adding private equity firms to its offering. This integration expands Manaos' coverage of controversies, not just for listed assets but also for private assets, tapping into the world’s largest set of events captured on controversies in over 5 million private and public companies, in addition to providing access to the most granular ESG controversy dataset in the world.

Sylvain Forté, CEO & Co-founder of SESAMm, highlighted the importance of the partnership, stating, "At SESAMm, we're committed to delivering transparent and comprehensive ESG controversy data, providing essential insights for our financial and corporate clients. By partnering with Manaos, we are not only expanding our reach but also empowering financial institutions to seamlessly integrate ESG considerations into their investment strategies."

This strategic partnership between Manaos and SESAMm signifies a forward leap in integrating ESG considerations into investment strategies, offering unprecedented access to sophisticated ESG controversy insights for the financial industry.

Benoit Guibourg, Head of Product of Manaos, added: "We're thrilled to partner with SESAMm, a renowned expert in ESG controversy analysis leveraging the power of AI. Thanks to this collaboration, Manaos aims to provide an extensive offer on ESG controversies and leverage the platform to incorporate comprehensive ESG reputational insights in custom or ready-to-use dashboards and reports. SESAMm's expertise extends our ability to guide clients through the complexities of ESG considerations, marking a significant milestone in our mission towards sustainable investing. Furthermore, we are eager to work with SESAMm to unlock the power of their extensive coverage of the private world and provide ready-to-use solutions for our clients."


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About SESAMm:
SESAMm is a global leader in ESG controversy data, using advanced Generative AI. It automates monitoring and due diligence on public and private assets. SESAMm provides coverage for more than 5 million companies in multiple languages. SESAMm works with top international firms such as Carlyle, Warburg, Natixis, RBI, Fitch, Oddo, and ERM.


About Manaos:

Manaos, a technology subsidiary of BNP Paribas, powers an all-in-one platform that connects the traditional information systems of institutional investors and asset management companies with carefully selected rating agencies and fintechs to manage all their investment services seamlessly. In practice, the Manaos platform enables investors to collect their fund compositions from their asset managers, while standardising portfolio data and allowing for asset-level portfolio look-through. From there, Manaos empowers asset managers and asset owners to test and measure their ESG investments performance by connecting their portfolio data to a range of over 20 best-of-breed ESG data providers (including MSCI, S&P Sustainable 1, Morningstar Sustainalytics, Moody’s and ISS ESG). Once enriched with third-party data, Manaos offers flexible, multimodal portfolio data extraction along with seamless data visualisation and dashboards features. Finally, Manaos reporting solutions help investors with the production of EETs (European ESG Template), SFDR PAI Statements, TCFD, LEC Art.29, Taxonomy and SDR regulatory reports, client ESG reports and more. For more information, visit