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A Sneak Peek into SESAMm's ChatReveal: Watch the Teaser Video Now

By: SESAMm | July 13, 2023

We have exciting news from SESAMm! We are integrating Generative AI into our operations to redefine industry standards and enhance operational efficiency.


The highlight of this initiative is ChatReveal, our innovative client-facing conversational agent. It's designed to simplify data interactions and significantly boost risk management processes in your firm.

To give you a taste of this innovation, we're releasing the following teaser video of ChatReveal. This video offers a glimpse into the user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools that make ChatReveal a standout feature.

With ChatReveal, we're bringing a virtual team of ESG analysts and experts right to you, offering innovative risk detection and ESG controversy management solutions.

Get a first-hand look at how SESAMm is steering the fintech revolution with Generative AI. Discover how our solutions can supercharge your operations and streamline your processes.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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