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SESAMm Incorporates Generative AI to Enhance ESG Risk Mitigation and Process Efficiency in the Finance Sector

By: SESAMm | July 12, 2023

SESAMm Incorporates Generative AI to Enhance ESG Risk Mitigation and Process Efficiency in the Finance Sector


PARIS, France - July 12, 2023 - SESAMm, a leading player in financial technology, announces a transformative initiative to incorporate Generative AI solutions into its operations and product offerings. This strategic move is geared towards assisting financial firms in enhancing risk mitigation focused on ESG controversies and streamlining their processes.

The implementation of Generative AI follows a three-pronged strategic approach. This comprises the integration of large language models into their tech stack, the development of a client-facing conversational agent, and fostering a culture of AI utilization across all teams. 

"With Generative AI, we are not only enhancing our internal processes but also focusing on the development of new features that redefine industry standards," stated Sylvain Forté, CEO & Co-founder of SESAMm. "These include intuitive dashboards, automated ESG/SDG event analysis tools, and a client interaction chatbot - all created to streamline data interaction and boost efficiency in risk management."

The integration of Generative AI has significantly enhanced SESAMm's product functionality already. This includes quicker and more intuitive interaction with data and introducing new features, such as ESG/SDG event summarization and automatic competitor searches for public and private companies.

SESAMm is also employing Generative AI for advanced risk mitigation. "Our innovative approach provides our clients a virtual team of ESG analysts and experts for detecting risk and ESG controversies, enhancing their risk mitigation strategies in a robust and comprehensive manner," Forté added.

SESAMm is preparing to launch a suite of AI-powered features later this year. "These new features, powered by Generative AI, reinforce our commitment to developing solutions that enhance risk mitigation and streamline processes for financial firms," Forté emphasized.


To explore more about SESAMm's Generative AI solutions and how they can boost your firm's operations, watch the video below:




Also, make sure you join our upcoming webinar, where Sylvain Forté will discuss live the future of fintech with Generative AI and how SESAMm is incorporating Generative AI into its processes and products. To register for the webinar, click here.

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