Shaping the Future of Crypto Investing with NLP: The Role of the Compass SESAMm Crypto Sentiment Index

Picture of Thomas Montagnon Thomas Montagnon | July 5, 2023

In recent years, the field of natural language processing (NLP) has seen significant advancements that have enabled more effective processing and analysis of large volumes of textual data. This has had major and disrupting implications for many industries, including finance and investment.

One area where NLP has been particularly useful is in the design of baskets and indices on all asset classes. One of them, where we can definitely observe key value-added, is related to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. A crypto basket is a group of cryptocurrencies that are bundled together and traded as a single unit, while a crypto index is a measurement of the overall performance of a group of cryptocurrencies.

Traditionally, the process of designing a crypto basket or index involved manually selecting a group of cryptocurrencies based on various criteria such as market capitalization, trading volume, and price history. However, this process is time-consuming and can be subject to bias. Moreover, it can be difficult for investors to invest in the crypto market as a whole. NLP technology has allowed it to analyze vast amounts of data from various sources such as news, articles, social media posts, and blogs to identify trends and sentiment around specific cryptocurrencies. This information can then be used to inform the design of crypto baskets and indices, making them more accurate and reflective of market sentiment.

By leveraging sentiment analysis through NLP-based indicators, robust indices can be created to serve as market benchmarks and investment vehicles. These indices can provide relevant performance measurement tools, allowing investors to understand the performance of their investments better and make more informed decisions. Furthermore, using NLP-based indicators to design crypto baskets and indices can also help generate alpha compared to a single basket of tokens. By tracking sentiment and emerging trends over time, investment professionals can gain valuable insights into which cryptocurrencies will likely perform well in the future and which may be less favorable.

Overall, using NLP in the design of crypto baskets and indices has significant potential to improve the accuracy and reliability of these investment products. By leveraging the power of NLP to analyze large volumes of text data, investment professionals can gain valuable insights into market sentiment and emerging trends, allowing them to make more informed investment decisions and potentially generate alpha. This is why we have entered a collaboration with Compass FT to design the first AI & NLP crypto sentiment index.

Index objective

The Compass SESAMm Crypto Sentiment Index aims to give investors exposure to the crypto market with a sentiment tilt to determine the selection and weights of underlying tokens. The index selects tokens based on financial filters such as average trading volume and market capitalization. Using NLP-based sentiment scores in the weighting mechanism allows the index to rebalance towards the coins with the best sentiment scores efficiently and, therefore, those with the highest expected relative returns.

Key features

  • Provides smart and dynamic exposure to the cryptocurrency market
  • Monthly review to adapt to the fast-moving crypto ecosystem and capture up-to-date/representative sentiment for each coin
  • Unique quantitative weightings mechanism based on liquidity filters and sentiment scores
  • Invests in a basket composed of the 20 main crypto coins
  • Constituents are selected based on rigorous criteria considering liquidity, tokenomics, sentiment, custody, and security 
  • Methodology and governance in line with the most constraining financial indices regulation, the European Benchmark Regulation (EU BMR)

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Index mechanisms

The Compass SESAMm Crypto-Sentiment Index is a diversified digital asset index designed to offer broad exposure to the market’s top crypto assets (all sectors included) while capping each component exposure at 30%. Weightings are based on sentiment scores, liquidity, and market capitalization constraints.

SESAMm’s NLP technology carries out a granular and transparent analysis of publicly available articles. More than 20 billion articles from over 4 million international and local sources are analyzed to identify each coin’s associated mentions. For each source, indicators of sentiment and volume of mentions are determined. These indicators are then aggregated daily to create a historical time series per cryptocurrency, which acts as the basis for the overall score used by Compass Financial Technologies. For each day and each coin, SESAMm calculates crypto sentiment scores based on several indicators, such as polarity, volume, and memory functions, to provide up-to-date and representative scores. SESAMm’s Crypto sentiment scores are based on the sentiment scores (negative, positive, and neutral) computed on articles related to the 50 digital assets universe.


analytics performance and key indicators chart

Figure 1: Performance and key indicators

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