TextReveal® empowers asset owners, corporate investment banks, index providers, and stock exchanges with sentiment analysis and insights to construct methodologies for their structured products, ETFs, ETPs, and benchmarking projects.

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Create innovative thematic strategies on all asset classes and geographic areas for your ETFs, ETP, and custom index projects


Provide unbiased, transparent, and timely insights


Access unparalleled support from SESAMm’s team throughout the entire product and index lifecycle (strategy creation, rebalancing, reporting, end-client pitches)


Empower your strategies with sentiment and emotions analysis leveraging our NLP algorithms and expertise

Featured Indices
Explore SESAMm's Thematic Indices—innovative investment solutions created through partnerships with leading index providers. Capture evolving trends, sectors, and industries, and unlock the potential of data-driven insights for superior returns.
Euronext x SESAMm brochure

Euronext® Artificial Intelligence World Index

The Euronext® Artificial Intelligence World Index supports the growing demand for thematic innovative investment solutions by providing exposure to companies in the world active in the field of AI, as identified by SESAMm, based on granular and transparent analysis of public data available on the web.

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Compass SESAMm Crypto Sentiment Index

Compass Financial Technologies and SESAMm, both leaders in their respective fields, have decided to join forces and combine the best aspects of crypto-based indices and natural language processing together with the creation of the first crypto-sentiment index.

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A massive data lake with the technology to filter only what’s relevant to your index

The most extensive coverage at your fingertips, consisting of a data lake of more than 20 billion articles, more than four million sources, and more than five million public and private companies, with topics in any country, region, or markets—developed, emerging, frontier (including small caps, high yield, and more)

Construct thematic indices with AI

A massive data lake with the technology to filter only what’s relevant to your index

The most extensive coverage at your fingertips—25B+ articles data lake, 4M+ sources, 5M+ public and private companies—with topics in any country, region, or markets (developed, emerging, frontier, including small caps, high yield, and more)

Why SESAMm’s clients choose our index solutions?

Create robust strategies aligned with market expectations leveraging on our 90+ ESG risk indicators, SDG, global macro and sentiment, and alerting tool (controversies and positive events)

Create your own taxonomies and methodologies depending on the theme you want to tackle (unlimited topics, keywords, and themes to generate custom scores, sentiment, and indicators)

Better capture market trends and grow AUM through index product innovation

Leverage SESAMm’s expertise on NLP and index construction during the full product lifecycle (strategy creation, rebalancing, reporting, end-client pitches)

“Since we started working with SESAMm a few years ago, we've been impressed by their broad coverage in private and public companies in our core markets in CEE," said David Eschwé, Head of Group Advanced Analytics in RBI. "Our partnership has been a great success. Thanks to SESAMm, we can now answer business-relevant questions within days, including those related to the critical topic of ESG”

—David Eschwé, Head of Group Advanced Analytics, Raiffeisen Bank International

“Asset Management One has been working with SESAMm since late 2019 to integrate AI, and their work and support has been very helpful. They have conducted a credit prediction project with us, and we are now using their data science tool as well as their alternative data, which brings a lot of value to our credit fund selection process.”

—Asset Management One

“Since 2020, Kyobo AXAIM leveraged SESAMm's AI technologies to build smarter quantitative strategies, including asset allocation and trading. As a result of SESAMm's alternative data and NLP capabilities, Kyobo AXAIM has generated superior returns, saved time, and further integrated machine learning techniques into their investment processes.”

—Frédéric Bellemin, Deputy CEO, Kyobo AXA IM

Reveal a world of insights

SESAMm enables businesses to make faster, more informed decisions, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

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