Building a Responsible Future: A Reflection on SESAMm’s ESG Achievements and Goals

By: SESAMm | September 5, 2023

A few months ago, SESAMm undertook a CSR audit conducted by Early Metrics as part of its fundraising round. This audit allowed us to identify our strengths and weaknesses in these matters; while the results were very positive for the company, they highlighted a few aspects that require focused attention.

Environment: A green commitment

Limitation of transportation impact

By promoting remote work, SESAMm has mitigated the carbon footprint caused by daily commuting. This initiative has a dual benefit – a positive impact on the environment and potentially enhancing employee work-life balance.

Technology and renewable energy

The approach to leasing refurbished IT equipment and choosing server providers relying on renewable energy is a step toward a sustainable technology ecosystem.

Ethical and environmental awareness

Implementing an Ethic charter and introducing Climate Fresk workshops within the organization speak to SESAMm's commitment to building an environmentally conscious culture.

Social: Human–Centric Approach

Well–being and work-life balance

By prioritizing employees' health and well-being, SESAMm has fortified its internal culture. These initiatives pave the way for a balanced work-life ecosystem, from gym memberships to remote work arrangements.

Gender equality

With women representing a commendable percentage of overall staff, the company has made strides toward gender equality. Yet, recognizing the need for further improvement reflects a candid and evolving approach to inclusivity.

Talent management

Cultivating talent through mentoring, professional training, and internal education illustrates SESAMm's dedication to professional growth and development.

Governance: Transparent and Ethical

Policy implementation and oversight

With robust policies such as an IT charter, an anti-corruption guide, and an ethics charter, SESAMm has laid a strong foundation for transparent governance.

Diversity and inclusion

The celebration of diversity, represented by team members from 10 different nationalities, adds to the richness of the organizational culture.

Executive transparency

Open communication channels like Ask Me Anything meetings foster a transparent relationship between the executive committee and the employees, enhancing trust and alignment with the company's strategy.

The Road Ahead: Focused Priorities

SESAMm's recognition of areas requiring further development marks a responsible and forward-thinking approach. Conducting a carbon footprint assessment, finalizing career paths, and implementing a transparent salary policy is a testament to the company’s commitment to continual improvement.


SESAMm's CSR audit achievements reflect a commitment to sustainable business practices and a vision for continual growth and improvement. The intricate blend of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance paints a portrait of a company that recognizes its corporate citizenship. The internal CSR committee's establishment assures that this is a momentary success and a sustained journey toward excellence.

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