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The Future of Finance: Generative AI and Its Transformative Impact

Picture of Sylvain Forté, CEO and Co-founder Sylvain Forté, CEO and Co-founder | September 13, 2023

In this final part of our series on AI in finance, we look at how new technological advancements will change the finance world. Over the next ten years, using data and AI for financial decisions will become common practice. 

What is Generative AI and Why It Matters in Finance

New AI technologies, such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, are becoming part of everyday business tools. Although we're just scratching the surface of what they can do, these technologies will soon help us with tasks like writing emails, creating presentations, and making financial reports.

Take ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) indicators, for example. Right now, analysts often manually collect this data from financial reports. But soon, advanced AI models will handle this work, leading to more interactive and intelligent business tools.

What's Next for AI Technology

The following versions of these AI models will be even better than the ones we have today. Given that current models perform some tasks better than humans, it's exciting to think about their future capabilities. We expect these new models to excel in many different tasks.
In the future, we'll see machines handle most tasks, which could be good for the world if we use this technology wisely in our everyday work.

How Generative AI Will Change Finance

Just like the internet and smartphones did, generative AI will change how businesses operate. Companies that adapt will do well, while others might struggle. One significant change will be in jobs, especially for analysts. As data becomes easier to collect and understand, analysts will shift to roles where they guide and interact with AI-based business systems.

How SESAMm Uses Generative AI

At SESAMm, AI is already making our work more efficient. It's changing both our internal processes and the features we offer our clients. For example, we use advanced AI models to automate data annotation for ESG and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) alerts. This has saved our analysts 30% of their time.
We're also creating a client-friendly interactive tool that will be a part of our dashboard. Our aim is to start with a demo and then fully automate the extraction and summary of key ESG and SDG events.

SESAMm’s Future with AI

In the long term, AI will play a big role in improving our services. We plan to use AI to automatically create reports, including detailed ESG or competitive analyses for private equity firms. 
AI is central to our innovation plans. We see it as a way to speed up our growth and establish SESAMm as a key player in the industry.

Our Long-term Objectives with AI

Our main goal is to make it easy for users to find accurate and timely data and ESG insights. The power of AI comes from its ability to quickly sort through a lot of information and pull out what’s important. 

Another key aim is to help direct investments toward truly beneficial companies by improving our ESG measurement capabilities.

Staying Competitive in an AI World

To stay ahead, we are committed to raising internal awareness about AI and encouraging its active use across all teams. We also understand that a culture of innovation and transparency is crucial for success, particularly in ESG matters.

Final Thoughts

AI will change the way we work, but it's not just a tool—it's a vital part of our business strategy. It will help us improve our processes, services, and client relationships. Ultimately, AI is about much more than efficiency. It’s about unlocking new opportunities, empowering our team, and driving sector-wide innovation.

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