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From Risks to Opportunities: SESAMm's Approach to Technology in the Financial Sector

By: SESAMm | February 7, 2024

In a recent interview, Jose Salas, Head of Partnerships and Strategy at SESAMm, alongside Kiet Tran and Kat Tatochenko, shared how SESAMm is transforming the landscape of AI-powered text analysis. SESAMm excels in extracting valuable insights from diverse data sources, addressing key issues like ESG controversies and SDG impacts for clients, which include private equity firms and financial institutions.

Salas highlighted SESAMm's distinct approach to technology, emphasizing its role in identifying risks and opportunities for investors. The company's future plans involve embracing generative AI to refine our data analysis further, promising even sharper insights for our clients.
SESAMm's innovative strategies demonstrate our commitment to turning complex data into actionable intelligence, paving the way for smarter investment decisions in the financial sector.
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SESAMm’s AI Technology Reveals ESG Insights

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