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The Intersection of AI and ESG: SESAMm's Visionary Approach, An Interview with Sylvain Forté

By: SESAMm | January 12, 2024

At the RBI Innovation Summit in November 2023, SESAMm's CEO, Sylvain Forté, and Suleiman Arabiat, Senior Investment Manager at Elevator Ventures, shared an interview about the intersection of artificial intelligence and ESG data analytics. This conversation highlighted SESAMm's commitment to revolutionizing how ESG data is analyzed and utilized in the financial sector.

Sylvain Forté, SESAMm's CEO and co-founder, illustrated the company's impact in detecting ESG controversies using advanced AI. By processing billions of documents, SESAMm offers a unique capability to identify environmental, social, and governance issues that influence companies. This cutting-edge approach is particularly important for private equity firms, asset managers, banks, and corporations, providing them with critical data for informed decision-making.

The interview dove into the essence of ESG – encompassing environmental, social, and governance topics – and its growing importance in regulatory frameworks worldwide. SESAMm’s AI-driven technology scans online content in over 100 languages, from major media publications to niche NGO websites, to detect and alert clients about potential controversies.

Forté shared the birth of SESAMm, tracing back to 2014 when the initial idea burgeoned from a passion for AI and its application in text analysis. This nascent idea evolved into a specialized focus on ESG controversy analysis, aligning with the increasing regulatory emphasis on sustainable investment strategies.

One of the major challenges SESAMm faced was maintaining focus while leveraging its complex technology platform for the right use cases. This journey led us to tailor our technology for end business users, aligning with the company's growth and scalability goals.
As we continue to expand, particularly in the US market and private equity sector, we remain committed to enhancing our offerings in asset management and exploring partnerships in the fintech space. This journey reflects a fusion of technological innovation and dedication to sustainable investment practices, signaling a transformative era in ESG data analytics powered by AI.

To gain deeper insights into how SESAMm is shaping the future of ESG data analytics with AI, watch the full interview between SESAMm's CEO, Sylvain Forté, and Suleiman Arabiat at the RBI Innovation Summit.

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