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Revolutionizing AI-Powered ESG Analysis: SESAMm's Vision for 2024

Picture of Sylvain Forté, CEO and Co-founder Sylvain Forté, CEO and Co-founder | January 16, 2024

At SESAMm, we have always been at the forefront of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk analysis. Our journey began in 2014, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to analyze vast amounts of data to identify company risks - from public equities to expanding into private assets. Our technology stack, deeply rooted in AI-first principles, has evolved significantly over the years, incorporating deep learning and large language models since their inception.

2023 marked a significant leap in generative AI, breaking data quality and precision barriers. Our ability to attain human-level precision in ESG control detection across dozens of languages is a testament to our commitment to continual technological advancement. We plan to further integrate generative AI into our processes, enhancing data quality and expanding our coverage, especially for smaller firms and infrastructure projects that often go unnoticed in the market.

 An oil painting in a classical style depicting a realistic artificial intelligence figure.

Similarly to our 2023 vision blog post, we generated this image using Open AI, using the exact same prompt:  An oil painting in classical style of an artificial intelligence holding the whole world in its hand. Realistic. - Check out how the image differs from last year's here.

Enhancing User Interaction with AI: The Future of Client Engagement

A significant focus for SESAMm in 2024 is transforming how clients interact with our SaaS platform. Last year, we introduced a prototype of our generative AI chatbot, which marked the beginning of a new era in user interaction. Our goal is to utilize generative AI not just for data improvement but to enhance the overall user experience. This includes making data more accessible and addressing challenges like the lack of unique identifiers in the private space. 

Accelerating Innovation and Development with AI

Our team of 60 engineers and researchers is the driving force behind our rapid development and innovation. The integration of large language models has enabled us to deliver features more quickly and efficiently. With a robust infrastructure and an agile AI team, we're pushing the boundaries of what's achievable with AI, outpacing traditional human analyst capabilities. This agility in innovation is crucial for our continued leadership in the market.

The Future of AI Technologies in SESAMm's Roadmap

We keep a close eye on the latest AI advancements, from new open-source libraries to cutting-edge commercial models. Our team is deeply engaged in fine-tuning models for specific applications, especially in tracking ESG events and uncovering insights about smaller, lesser-known companies. This approach reflects our culture – an AI-first company specializing in the financial and ESG space, always eager to incorporate more technology and innovate.

Cementing Leadership in AI-Powered ESG Analysis

Our vision extends beyond 2024, aiming to be the premier global player in ESG controversy and risk analysis. With regulations evolving globally, we anticipate a significant expansion in our market. Our focus remains on delivering unparalleled reputational insights, especially in the investment world, but also rapidly expanding into supply chain analysis and client monitoring. We're not just keeping pace with the market but setting the standard for AI-powered ESG analysis.

The Expanding Global ESG Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges

As regulations intensify worldwide, including in polarized markets like the US and Asia, we see a growing demand for ESG analysis. This global shift presents both opportunities and challenges. Our strategy includes further integrating our solutions into various ecosystems, such as ESG reporting tools, portfolio management systems, and CRMs. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to position SESAMm as an integral part of the global ESG analysis framework.

Walking the Talk: SESAMm's Commitment to Sustainability

In 2024, SESAMm is not just about leading in technology; we're deeply committed to practicing what we preach regarding sustainability. We have a robust ESG Manifesto and a series of actions aligned with environmental, social, and governance principles. Recognizing our relatively limited carbon footprint as a tech company, we focus on making impactful choices and fostering a culture of awareness and change within our team.

We've implemented programs for environmental awareness, like our Climate Risk training, conducted by certified employees. Our efforts in governance are highlighted by the appointment of our first independent board member, Stephane Beson, signifying our dedication to having diverse external perspectives guiding our company.

Regarding environmental footprint, we prioritize partnering with providers that use clean energy in their data centers. This conscious decision-making extends to selecting partners who can offset their carbon emissions, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Remote Work and Sustainability: A Dual Focus

Our approach to remote work has always been progressive. We see it as not just a productivity enhancer but also as a key sustainability strategy. Given our global presence, with teams in France, New York, Tunisia, and London, remote work is essential. It brings our team closer, transcends cultural barriers, and reduces our carbon footprint by significantly cutting down on travel. This strategy aligns with our dedication to work-life balance, recognizing the importance of flexibility for our employees.

Targeting the Right Market with Tailored Services

2024 is a year of strategic focus for SESAMm, especially in terms of our target market. We're seeing a growing trend among banks to aggregate ESG controversy data. Our unique capability to provide comprehensive coverage, encompassing mixed assets portfolios, positions us as a key player for these institutions.

We continue strengthening our presence in private equity and expanding our reach into the banking sector, private debt, and infrastructure funds. Our dedicated corporate business practice is another area of expansion, helping European companies monitor ESG controversies. We also focus on sustainability and ESG teams, procurement teams, and third-party risk teams, ensuring a broad yet targeted market approach.

Upholding Data Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are paramount, especially given the increasing sophistication of cyber threats. Our co-founder and CTO brings invaluable expertise in cybersecurity. We conduct annual audits, have robust systems to monitor and preempt attacks, and continuously train our teams to be vigilant. While we don't deal with personal data, we focus on protecting critical systems for our clients, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards in data security.

Building a Team for the Future

Looking ahead, our confidence in 2024 stems from our team's exceptional capabilities. We've implemented agile processes and onboarded talented individuals across all levels. Our team's passion and dedication are key drivers in adapting to market changes and delivering high-quality services. It's not just about where SESAMm is now but how our team will continue to excel and innovate in the future.

A Vision of Innovation and Responsibility

As we move into 2024, SESAMm stands at the forefront of AI-powered ESG analysis, not just through technological innovation but also through a steadfast commitment to sustainability and security. Our focus on the right markets, combined with a forward-thinking approach to remote work and data protection, positions us to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Join us at SESAMm as we navigate the future of ESG analysis, leveraging our expertise to foster a sustainable, secure, and innovative business environment. Explore SESAMm's cutting-edge solutions and be part of a future where technology meets responsibility.

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