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SESAMm Recognized in the ESG Data And Analytics Providers Landscape Report for Q1 2024

By: SESAMm | January 30, 2024

Paris, January 18, 2024 – SESAMm, a leader in AI-powered text analysis, is proud to announce its recognition in the Forrester report "ESG Data And Analytics Providers Landscape, Q1 2024."

Sylvain Forte, CEO of SESAMm, commented, “We are thrilled to be recognized by Forrester. Our AI-driven approach, particularly our flagship product, TextReveal®, positions us uniquely in the market. TextReveal® leverages a vast data lake and advanced natural language processing to provide comprehensive insights on public and private companies, a capability not commonly found in traditional ESG analytics.”

Alexandre Tiesset, Head of ESG at SESAMm, added, “Our technology's ability to process massive volumes of data, provide nuanced ESG insights and stakeholder feedback is a game changer. It significantly enhances our clients' ability to assess non-financial risks and monitor ESG-related events, offering them a more accurate and effective solution for their needs.”

SESAMm's AI technology sets it apart as a leader in ESG analytics, enabling more precise and timely insights into ESG controversies and positive events. This technology empowers private equity firms, asset managers, corporations, and financial institutions to monitor and identify company events and controversies, providing an edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable investment.

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Download the full Forrester report, The ESG Data And Analytics Providers Landscape Report for Q1 2024 (available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase).

About SESAMm

SESAMm is an innovative leader in AI and big data analytics for investment. The company specializes in using advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to provide comprehensive ESG and thematic insights, aiding clients in identifying potential risks and opportunities in their investment portfolios.

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