SESAMm, a French FinTech specializing in big data and AI for asset management, and Kaiko, a cryptocurrency market data provider, have partnered to empower financial professionals to create more informed trading strategies.

This partnership will allow SESAMm’s clients to access granular digital asset market data and combine it with alternative data extracted from news, blogs, and social media using TextReveal. With SignalReveal’s deep data science, these inputs can be leveraged to generate trading signals.

Through this partnership, hedge funds specializing in digital assets will have access to cutting edge data science tools to build systematic and discretionary trading strategies using both market data and alternative data. The combination of Kaiko’s high quality market data with SESAMm’s alternative data extracts presents a new opportunity for innovative cryptocurrency trading signals. For example, SESAMm’s SignalReveal gives traders the tools necessary to identify correlations between social media posts and cryptoasset prices.

CEO of Kaiko, Ambre Soubiran, said “Kaiko’s mission is to bring transparency and professionalism to the digital assets industry by serving as a trusted source for granular, high-quality market data. Thanks to SESAMm, we have the opportunity to work with traditional investors and help them make more informed decisions in this growing asset class.

CEO of SESAMm, Sylvain Forté, said “We help our quantitative and fundamental clients create complex and valuable trading strategies using data science technologies. This partnership with Kaiko will greatly benefit crypto hedge funds wishing to integrate machine learning with high quality market or alternative data into their investment process!

This partnership exemplifies the synergies that the French digital assets and asset management communities have with one another to form innovative new trading tools. As the digital asset industry grows, French FinTechs continue to take a leading role when it comes to developing the infrastructure and tools for this new asset class.

About Kaiko:

Founded in 2014, Kaiko ( is a market data provider in the blockchain-based digital assets space, providing institutional investors and market participants with enterprise-grade data infrastructure.

Kaiko collects, normalizes, stores, and distributes digital assets market data via a livestream WebSocket, REST API, and cloud-based flat-file Data Feed, to which clients connect to build data-driven applications.

Their raw trade data, order books, and aggregates cover 12,000+ currency pairs across 80+ exchanges, with new markets added every day. With over five years of historical data, Kaiko provides the most extensive digital asset datasets in the industry.

Kaiko caters for the market data needs of professional investors, academic researchers, asset managers, exchanges, regulators, and third-party platforms.

About SESAMm:

SESAMm ( is a FinTech company created in 2014. We specialize in Natural Language Processing to create investment insights and Machine Learning on time series for alpha generation.

SESAMm provides two products to its clients:

– SignalReveal, a fully modular machine learning pipeline used for the creation of investment signals from any alternative data set, market data set or client factor.

TextReveal, a system that analyzes millions of news websites, blogs, forums and social media to generate insights on crypto-assets, companies, brands, executives, commodities, currencies, economic concepts, macro indicators, events etc.