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Unlock the Future of Risk Mitigation with AI-Driven Insights

By: SESAMm | November 3, 2023

SESAMm recently hosted a webinar led by Lead Solutions Engineer Leo Shamash. The session focused on the critical role of Artificial Intelligence in identifying and managing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risks and controversies, especially in private companies. 

During the webinar, Leo Shamash shared insights on how SESAMm’s advanced AI technologies analyze millions of daily articles to provide accurate ESG risk assessments.

Why is this important for private equity firms? Because traditional methods of risk assessment are often labor-intensive and limited in scope. SESAMm’s AI-driven approach offers a scalable, efficient solution. The webinar also touched on SESAMm's extensive data lake comprising over 20 billion documents, making it one of the largest repositories for tracking ESG risks and controversies.

Watch the webinar replay now:


Join us for our next webinar on November 15 at 4 PM Paris time/10 AM New York time, and watch Sylvain Forté share his insights into how artificial intelligence can help distinguish between genuine sustainability efforts and greenwashing. Book your spot.

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