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Elevating ESG Metrics: SESAMm Featured in Elaia's 2022 Sustainability Report

By: SESAMm | October 5, 2023

We are proud to share that SESAMm has been highlighted in Elaia's Annual Sustainability Report for 2022. Elaia has been historically committed to fostering sustainability and ESG excellence, and SESAMm is honored to be identified as a top ESG-focused company within its portfolio.

The report underscores SESAMm’s pioneering AI technologies, capable of analyzing billions of textual data, from articles to blogs. This technology equips private equity firms, asset managers, and leading financial institutions with accurate and timely insights into ESG controversies, trends, and positive impact indicators. 

This acknowledgment supports SESAMm’s dedication to reshaping the ESG landscape. Our keen focus on aligning market operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) positions us as a leader in the sustainable finance ecosystem.

To learn more about SESAMm’s role in advancing sustainable finance, we invite you to download the full report.


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