SESAMm Wins Best Of Show Award at Finovate Europe

By: SESAMm | March 28, 2022

SESAMm Wins Best Of Show Award at Finovate Europe

SESAMm, a leading provider of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology for investment managers, has been recognized with the Best of Show Award at Finovate Europe 2022, which took place on March 22nd and 23rd in London. The award was granted to SESAMm following a demonstration conferred by CEO and Co-founder Sylvain Forté, during which he showcased the company's marquee product TextReveal®.

"Finovate Europe represents a unique opportunity for best-in-class Fintech companies to showcase their innovations in front of leading institutions. It was great to demonstrate our product in front of an elite audience and win the Best of Show award." Said Sylvain Forté, CEO of SESAMm, "We are proud to say that this event was a big success for SESAMm, judging by the level of interest in our technology and its applications to the current ESG topic."

SESAMm is a fintech company that specializes in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Through its product, TextReveal®, the company provides analytics and investment signals to finance and corporate professionals by analyzing over 17 billion web articles and messages using natural language processing and machine learning. TextReveal® is a ready-to-use alternative data platform; its NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered engine provides daily sentiment and ESG data mapped to public and private companies to fuel investment strategies. 

Finovate Europe, one of the most awaited annual events, sheds light on innovative fintech startups and helps them gain more recognition. It brings together over 1,000 senior finance and tech experts, including “demoers” and insightful speakers.

"We love to see companies like SESAMm join us at Finovate demonstrating their cutting-edge technologies. It really underscores our commitment to provide a platform to promote innovative startups in the financial ecosystem." Said Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate. "Congrats to the SESAMm team for winning Best of Show, it’s clear they really resonated with our audience!"

SESAMm's successful appearance at Finovate Europe once more confirms the great reception the company is getting in the industry, as just a few weeks ago, it was announced that SESAMm was the recipient of the HFM award for Best use of Artificial Intelligence.

TextReveal® Streams emphasizes SESAMm's goal to provide future investors with the accurate and necessary data to make decisions accordingly. Find out more here.

About SESAMm:

SESAMm is a leading company in alternative data and artificial intelligence, delivering global investment firms and corporates data-driven insight and investment analytics. It owns a proprietary 13 years historical data lake containing over 17 billion articles publicly sourced from more than 4 million sources (blogs, forums, social networks, etc.). This represents 10 to 100 times more information than that of our competitors.