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ebook: Unmasking Greenwashing: How to Identify Genuine and Deceiving Sustainability Initiatives with AI

By: ESG Team | November 15, 2023

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In our latest research, “Unmasking Greenwashing with AI” our ESG and Research & Analytics teams provide a comprehensive analysis of greenwashing trends using AI-powered text analysis.
  • Notable increase in mentions of greenwashing, with a 3.3x rise since 2021.
  • This increase suggests both a real growth in deceptive sustainability practices and a rise in public awareness.
  • Greenwashing represents 55% of all reputational laundering, underscoring a major shift towards environmental deception.
  • Surge in climate lawsuits with over 3x increase in climate change lawsuits since 2020, highlighting legal risks for misleading practices
  • It underscores the financial sector’s dual role in both contributing to and fighting against greenwashing through its investment practices

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