The Future of Finance: Generative AI and Its Transformative Impact

In this final part of our series on AI in finance, we look at how new technological advancements will change the...


Building a Responsible Future: A Reflection on SESAMm’s ESG Achievements and Goals

A few months ago, SESAMm undertook a CSR audit conducted by Early Metrics as part of its fundraising round. This audit...

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ESG Controversy Monitoring for Informed Investment Decisions with AI

In an era where information increases at an unprecedented pace, the necessity for intelligent and efficient methods to...

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ESG Data Trends: ESG Analysis on the Chemicals Market Leveraging AI

The chemicals industry, often perceived as the backbone of modern economies, is undergoing a notable shift. With the...

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Webinar Replay: Generative AI and The Future of Finance: Fireside Chat with Sylvain Forté

The landscape of the finance sector is evolving rapidly. A few weeks ago, SESAMm announced a new addition to its...

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ESG Fintech Summit 2023: ESG Alerts and Monitoring

Navigating the finance sector requires technologies that offer precision and foresight.


Pioneering the Future of Fintech: SESAMm's Approach to Generative AI

Welcome back to the second part of our thought leadership series on implementing generative AI solutions for finance....


Generative AI and The Future of Finance: A Deep Dive with Sylvain Forté

Hello, and welcome to our ongoing series on Generative AI in Finance. I’m Sylvain Forté, CEO and co-founder of SESAMm,...

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A Sneak Peek into SESAMm's ChatReveal: Watch the Teaser Video Now

We have exciting news from SESAMm! We are integrating Generative AI into our operations to redefine industry standards...