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Introducing SESAMm at NEC Solution Innovators—SESAMm Webinar (Japanese)

CEO Sylvain Forté introduces SESAMm at a webinar co-hosted by NEC Solution Innovators and SESAMm, describing who we...

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What Investors Ought to Know About Knowledge Graphs: The Core of Text Analysis

Researching and analyzing investment opportunities can be challenging for asset management—private equity and hedge...

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Gain Insights From Financial and ESG Data Using AI: A Comprehensive Guide

Financial and ESG insights begin with big data coupled with data science. At SESAMm, our artificial intelligence (AI)...

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3 Remarkable Trends NLP Text Mining Exposes About Used Cars & U.S. Inflation

Inflation. It's a word that most of us in the U.S. despise, almost as much as the word taxes. It's probably because,...

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Alternative Data Trends – How Reddit Helped Fuel The Great Resignation

People are leaving traditional jobs in droves according to the latest figures from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics,...

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Behind the scenes: Carlyle leverages SESAMm’s alternative data for a $475 million investment in YipitData


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AI & ML Hackathon with LFIS, QMI and SESAMm – 4th Edition

Following last year’s success, LFIS Capital, QMI and SESAMm are partnering once again to host a 4th Hackathon event.

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How AI Helps The Carlyle Group Make Better Investment Decisions

The world of private equity has been fertile ground for the adoption of alternative data, including AI-driven insights...

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Predict financial movements with web data

Discover our whitepaper highlighting the power of web data on predictive analytics for the financial industry: how...